Luca Football Powerchair Specification:

Power Hockey gives children (8 years of age +) the confidence and the opportunity to play a fast, contact sport for the first time and the sports popularity grows each year.

The NEW Luca Hockey Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) powerchairs have been developed with players that want a compact, powerful wheelchair with four pole motors. It comes with a removable rigid footrest, middle bumper and a rear bumper with an anti-tip wheel enabling a great playing position to help the player push the ball along and tackle one another.

The Luca Hockey also has three position adjustment to change the centre of gravity. Power Hockey gives children the confidence and the opportunity to play a fast, contact sport for the first time.

Luca Hockey Powerchair, Rear-Wheel Drive

Seat Widths 16”,18”.19.7” (42,45,50cm)
Seat Depths 16.5”,18.9”,19.7” (46,48,50cm)
Width adjustable by 1” each side by adjusting armrests
Smaller Seat width from 12.6” (32cm) on Qlass contoured seating
Seat Height 16.14” (41cm) 60amp batteries
Seat Height 17.32” (44cm) 78amp batteries

Luca Football Powerchair Specification:

The Luca Football Powerchair Mid-Wheel Drive & Rear-Wheel Drive have been specifically designed to give low seat to floor heights and meets the tough requirements of power football, the powerchairs also boast a wide selection of inter-changeable parts allowing football teams to make quick adjustments so that one powerchair has the ability to accommodate multiple members of the team.

Dynamic programmbale controls, and a dedicated Luca football programme with upgraded 4 pole motors, are the attributes this powerchair contributes to giving players real control of the game, the Luca Football Powerchair gives unbeatable manoeuvrability and acceleration and power to win the game.

The removable Striker foot guard is tried and tested to be the perfect shape to tackle the ball.

Transporting the Luca football powerchair is made easier with the product being fully crash tested, meaning extra space isn't required in the vehicle for your everyday wheelchair too.

Personalise your Luca Football Powerchair; available in 2 frame colours: Dark Grey or White with caps and side bumpers sprayed in team colours.

Contoured made to measure cushions for children, sun and rain covers for buggies and wheelchairs. Please visit the HMS online shop.

HMS Mobility Solutions Ltd work closely with local and national charities, and complete charity grant application forms on your behalf to assist with the cost of buying sports wheelchairs.

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Luca Football Powerchair, Available as Mid-wheel & Rear-wheel Drive

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