Meyra Optimus 2 RS

Base model prices correct as Feb 2017 & subject to change up or down (due to Euro / Sterling currency fluctuation)
RS 4 MPH With pump up tyres £5,795.00
RS 4 MPH With black solid tyres £6195.00
RS 6 MPH with pump up tyres £6120.00
RS 6 MPH with solid tyres £6520.00

RS 8 MPH version Pump up tyres £ ASK

RS 8 MPH version solid tyres £ ASK

Please also note we also still supply the standard Optimus2 in silver or blue with basic seating for smaller budgets. From £5495.00

meyra optimus 2 Rs


Please visit the HMS online shop.

Our best selling Off Road Powerchair!

REQUEST A meyra optimus 2 rs outdoor powerchair assesment in Glastonbury, or in Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire,Hampshire, South wales, Bristol, NOW ALSO IN CORNWALL!

Available accessories
USB port to charge mobile phone
Baggage box
Baggage rack
Rear-view mirror
Pelvic belt with buckle
Powered elevating leg rests
Powered tilt-in-space function
Powered reclining back rest                    Budget Optimus 2
Walking aid holder                                  One piece Ergostar 
Special seating                                       flip up arms £5695.00


01458 851591


As with every outdoor powerchair they have limitations. Soft sand and soft deep soil will mean potential loss of traction if there is nothing for tyres to grip. Turning the speed down to give the tyres chance to grab traction can help, also reversing can also help. (just like seeing cars in winter, the ones reeving engines just spin the wheels, the tickover drivers often get going

Prescriptive wheelchairs for adults and children living in the South West of England.

  • Adjustable seat width
  • Back and seat tilt adjustable
  • Choice of different seating systems
  • Lower leg length adjustment
  • Speed selection can be adapted to each user
  • User weight up to 150 kg
  • Suspension suitable for off road use
  • Up to 42 miles distance per charge!

HMS client reviews of the products they have bought from us, the service they receive and their overall experience of HMS Mobility.

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